The production of photovoltaic energy through the investment in the installation of solar panels means energy savings between 60 and 80% on your company's electricity bill

In 2002, Soltec Ingenieros carried out our first photovoltaic installation connected to the grid, possibly the first installation of this type in Galicia. In 2003, we were certified as a designer and installer in solar energy by the IDAE, Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings. A trajectory of more than 20 years of experience in photovoltaic energy projects at national and international levels.

In a solar panels installation project for the production of self-consumption photovoltaic energy for your company, we help you from beginning to end by:

  •  Managing any funding or grant available for the photovoltaic project (such as European funds).
  • Developing the engineering project and providing advice on the project’s execution.
  • Managing and carrying out the turnkey installation, on-site supervision and project launch.

In addition to photovoltaic power generation projects for self-consumption for companies within the industrial sector or commercial and office sector, through the installation of solar panels on roofs or façades, we carry out engineering projects to create large solar farms connected to the electricity grid. These photovoltaic plants or farms provide clean energy, of renewable origin, to meet the demand for electricity of populations (residential, industrial or commercial) and promote the reduction of CO2 emissions caused by electricity generated from non-renewable origin. This type of solar park is developed taking into account all environmental nominations and parameters.

Soltec Ingenieros strives to minimise the carbon footprint, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and, in general, achieve a more efficient, less polluting society and more committed to the Environment and Sustainability agenda.

Learn more about our industrial solar installations by visiting our selection of projects involving photovoltaic installations for the generation of clean energy of renewable origin.