Engineering design and photovoltaic installation for self-consumption on roof for KKPEL Professional

Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

Project context

This PV installation project aimed to define the technical characteristics, mechanical and electrical systems and monitoring of the generation system of a self-consumption photovoltaic solar installation with surpluses to the grid. Installation of 10.9 kWp of generating power and 8 kW of nominal injection power at the K-PPEL Profesional SL facilities.

The scope of the work consisted of the coplanar installation of 20 solar panels on the roof of sheet metal panels existing in the building, along with the electrical connection necessary for the connection to the building. The area of the photovoltaic installation was 60 m².

Soltec Ingenieros services

Our Soltec Ingenieros team carried out for the K-PPEL Professional a photovoltaic installation for self-consumption with surpluses to the grid, as well as the elaboration of the project and legalization with the competent public administrations.

Edificio de KKPEL Profesional en Vigo, instalación fotovoltaica en cubierta

Added value

This project will allow KKPEL to achieve approximately 60.95% self-consumption compared to the current situation, with an annual production of 13,481 kWh. Emissions of 4.45 tonnes of CO2 per year should be avoided.