Milestones and awards

Soltec Ingenieros’ effort in Industrial Engineering throughout our career has been defined by our vocation, the relevance and the innovative character of the projects we have developed. Continuously participating in the dissemination of innovation, supporting the business and academic fields for its development, promotion and application.

Photovoltaic installation in facade - own offices

Self-consumption photovoltaic installation at our headquarters - April 2022- We installed 16 solar panels on two facades. Peak power of 7.2 kWp. An average annual energy saving between 60% and 70%.

Winners of the IX Galicia Energy Awards - October 2022 - Awarded by the Illustrious College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia ICOIIG and the Association of Industrial Engineers of Galicia AIIG.

Hydrogen Generation - Our team is part of the consortium developing the innovative Jules Verne project for the Port of Vigo, aimed at leading the implementation of green hydrogen in Galicia. The project is scheduled for completion in 2024. 

SEAL OF EXCELLENCE by the EDIH - European Digital Innovation Hubs - Seal of excellence by the European Commission for the success of the InfabHub project. This seal of excellence will make it possible to apply for new European, national and regional funds.



  • Winners of the VIII Galicia Energy Award 2021 – Best Energy Efficiency Project, by the AIIG.


  • We achieved the Ardán de Empresa Gacela 2021 indicator, according to the 2021 Economic and Competitiveness Report of the Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium.


  • Innovative SME Seal - Recognised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain as an Innovative SME, thanks to the effort of our team to stay at the forefront of innovation through our unstoppable work in R+D+i.


  • We join the United Nations Global Compact as signatory of the Ten Principles.


  • European Project BBTWINS - Soltec Ingenieros joins the European consortium BBIJV as Technological Coordinator of the project – More info here
  • Consolidation of our spin-off VERSA Real Projects as an offsite modular design and construction company.  Specialised in design and solution of modular constructions, including the design and construction based on recycled shipping containers. Their projects began in 2018 under Soltec Ingenieros. Selected in the Conect-19 Accelerator of the Xunta de Galicia.
  • COVID-19 Engineering

- Development of a social distancing system on beaches for the City Council of Vigo, through the design, installation and implementation of a system of reels with distancing tapes to limit the social distance in beaches. 

- Modular design and development of a secure access module, safe visiting room and modular hospital from shipping containers. Initiative selected for the Conect-19 accelerator by GAIN (Galician Innovation Agency) and the Xunta de Galicia (regional government of Galicia).



We start developing a new line of business based on the reutilisation of shipping containers. Projects: The Hood, in UBBO Shopping Center in Lisbon and the outdoor space occupation project with gastro and leisure establishments, in Lagoh Shopping Center in Seville.



  • Winners of the III Industry Award by ICOIIG (Galician Industrial Engineers Illustrious Board). The jury recognises Soltec Ingenieros among the best trajectories in the promotion and implementation of good practices in the field of industry, as well as the contributions made by professionals or entities.


  • Soltec Ingenieros is one of the members in the EMTyS Project Consortium (Multiprocess Thermal Equipment and CFD and DES Simulation). More information here


  • Consolidation of Norlean, spin-off of Soltec Ingenieros, included into BFAuto 2nd Edition. Norlean is focused on the intensive use of new technologies to offer innovative solutions through digital twin technology (NOA), with the aim of improving industries’ productivity, resource management and processes efficiency. First Spanish simulation software made in Galicia.


  • Pilot Project ‘Virtual Factory’ for Industrial Recense and Gaitech: Technological enabler with the industrial association ASIME in the IGAPE award: PILOT 4.0 OF VIRTUAL FACTORY. In 2017, we won with ASIME (Association of Metal Industries of Galicia) the IGAPE Pilot Projects Award 4.0 in the mention of Virtual Factory, where several factories in the metalworking sector are virtualised.


  • Participation in the IGAPE 4.0 Programme – Projects Reacts ICT (Industry 4.0). Assistance services, diagnosis and implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions - Operation co-financed by the European Union. Operational Program ERDF Galicia 2014-2020.


  • Expert member in the Bluegrowth initiative ( / Hydrogen application project in fishing ports. We are currently members of the Biotechnology and Blue Energy Commission. Recently, we’ve presented the project for the implementation of hydrogen in fishing ports.

We obtained the ISO 50001 energy certification, first Galician engineering firm to be certified.


Financing by MIF (Multilateral Investment Fund) of $1 million in a Project of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Collaboration agreements with the University of Vigo. Soltec Ingenieros participates in obtaining MIF financing of $1 million in an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Project for a training center in Manufacturing Technologies in Celaya for people without resources. Cooperation projects with the University of Vigo.

México phase


  • Participation in PROCEI Program - Competitiveness and Innovation Program Mexico-EU - In ProMéxico, for the state of Guanajuato, with Spanish and Mexican companies and institutions. Responsible for the innovation diagnostics of 100 companies in the automotive sector. PROCEI was created to support the strengthening of innovation and technology transfer processes so that Mexican SMEs can access the European market. These are 500 MSMEs from at least 4 strategic sectors to improve their productive capacity, add value to their products and services, as well as facilitating access to tools that allow them to innovate and have advanced and competitive technology.


  • Creation of the company Hispaniamex, with the aim of developing our business in the area. Projects: Energy audit of the facilities of the Celaya exhibition centre at the end of 2011 (link to project file). Subsequent self-production integration of Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Energy with mini-wind, supplying 40% of the energy needed annually by the building services. Energy Efficiency Award by the Energy Secretariat of the State of Guanajuato in 2013.


  • We created a strategic alliance with the energy services company Summit Energy (later purchased by Schneider). Conference Campus of Queretaro, Mexico.


  • Creation of the Technological Center of automotive and mechatronics (CETAM), of which Daniel Prieto is founder, with relevant personalities from the business and university fields in Celaya. Daniel is appointed vice president.

Soltec Ingenieros establishes the consultancy company Eneo Nord, through which we have won several construction projects in the railway sector in Gdansk.


Development of integrated EPR software for the management of information associated with projects and the implementation of a balanced scorecard with analysis of indicators (Energy Efficiency).

  • We establish the company Máxima Competencia in Sofia, with OPF (consulting firm) and FCV (construction company). We made a strategic agreement with local partners to apply for engineering and environmental projects tenders.
  • Collaboration agreement between the University of Vigo and the University of Sofia (Department of Manufacturing Process Engineering, Vigo and University of Chemical Technologies and Metallurgy, Sofia). With them (Prof. Dr.Sci. Eng Vladimir Kozhukharov), we have prepared several proposals for European projects such as:

-2013: Innovative Ice Phobic Coatings for Aluminium Alloy Protection (Innocoat)

- 2014: Project - Elaboration of advanced humidity sensors on the basis of nano-composite materials (ADVAHUMSENS).



We developed the R+D+I project PGIDIT04REM014E "Two-Axis Solar Tracker for Large Surfaces".

Eficiencia energética industrial


  • We open the Energy Efficiency service line, through the study of more than 400 companies based in two different industrial parks in Galicia.


  • VRP (Vehicles Route Planning) Software Project: First international project with the Institute of Technology of New Delhi, India. With the collaboration of its spin-off Optima LTD (London, United Kingdom) - Software for optimising transport algorithms for routes. Projects with Grupo Coren and U.P.S. First experience with simulation: VRP Software Project (Vehicles Route Planning) - Real-time optimisation of fleets, through algorithms, Interconnection of vehicles by GPS, Recalculation of routes based on events, Dynamic management of 100,000 collection-destination points / day.


  • First company in Galicia to be certified as a solar energy designer and installer by the IDAE (Ministry of Spain, Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving)


  • Wind farm project in Galicia, based in Lugo (16 MW)

First photovoltaic installation connected to the grid, possibly the first installation of its kind in Galicia.



Ramón Mantilla and Daniel Prieto found Soltec Ingenieros in Vigo.

Associations and memberships _

ASIME Members

Association of Metal Industries and Associated Technologies of Galicia. ASIME's main task is the corporate and individual defense of the common interests of its associates.

Presidency of AGEINCO

Daniel Prieto, CEP of Soltec Ingenieros, holds the presidency of AGEINCO; the Galician Association of Engineering Companies.


NFAB HUB brings digital innovation to the industrial sector and manufacturing processes in four value chains: automotive, metalworking and transport; aeronautics and aerospace; naval-maritime; and textile-fashion. It is an initiative that has the support of more than +15 partners in Galicia and Northern Portugal - it is the first cross-border Digital Innovation Hub of this Euroregion. Soltec Ingenieros is a member of this initiative as a tractor and technological company.

Members of the Metallurgical Cluster Foundation of Galicia (Metal Cluster Galicia)

The Innovation Cluster certifies the importance of Innovation as a strategic objective. This Foundation has been created on the initiative of ASIME with the aim of promoting and disseminating innovation in the Galician metallurgical sector.

IDAE, Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving

In 2003, we are the first company in Galicia to be certified as a designer and installer in solar energy by the IDAE, Ministry of Spain.

Members of the Ibero-American Institute of Energy Engineers

The Ibero-American Institute of Energy Engineers (3iE) is the meeting point for professionals in the Spanish-speaking energy sector. It offers a wide range of events and webinars, specialized courses in the energy sector and publications for professionals.

Members of the Energy Forum of Galicia

The Galician Energy Forum is a discussion group on issues related to energy in order to launch proposals to improve the Galician energy infrastructure to public administrations, companies and Galician society in general.


In March 25, 2021, Soltec Ingenieros joins CLUERGAL, the Renewable Energy Cluster of Galicia. An open and multidisciplinary association, non-profit, formed by companies and entities whose mission is to: Develop joint projects among members; Promote energy sustainability; Improve the competitiveness of the sector; Promote an appropriate socio-economic and regulatory environment for the development of the energy industry