Study of renewable energy potential

As Pontes de García Rodríguez, A Coruña

Project context​
The objective of this study was to define and calculate the energy potential in renewable energies of As Pontes, to maintain and enhance the role of the municipality as an energy pole of Galicia and Spain, in “fair transition”. As a result, we’ve gathered sufficient information to assess the potential of the City Council before the promotion of new renewable energy sites. This makes it possible, to propose a series of measures to promote the use of renewable energies in this locality and the optimal zoning of the preferred areas for the installation of these infrastructures.​

Soltec Ingenieros services​
Technical assessment focused on six renewable energy sources:​

  • Photovoltaic​.
  • Wind​.
  • Hydro.​
  • Biogas​.
  • Geothermal​.
  • Hydrogen​.

Scenario of greater renewable potential: an electricity production of 2,662.5 GWh/year.​