Engineering Project for 4 KWP Photovoltaic Generation Plant at the Casa Palillos Visitors Centre

Cabañeros National Park, Ciudad Real, Spain

Project context

Cabañeros National Park, located between the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, is part of the National Park Network affiliated to the Organismo Autónomo de Parques Nacionales. The OAPN is a public organism dependent on the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) in Spain.

As part of the improvements for energy resource management, the OAPN has planned the installation of a photovoltaic system at the Casa Palillos Visitors Centre, located in the SE area of the park (municipality of Alcoba, Ciudad Real). This project will produce part of the electricity demanded by the building through in-situ production of solar photovoltaic energy.

Project Features

  • Hybrid photovoltaic system connected to the grid with one battery for self-consumption

  • Acoustically isolated to avoid disturbance in adjacent rooms

  • Installation of 9 solar panels, total power of 4 KWP

  • Estimated annual photovoltaic solar production of 6,281 kWh.

  • 2 inverters will be installed

  • Coplanar metal structure on-roof

Proyecto instalación fotovoltaica cubierta casa palillos

Added value

Soltec Ingenieros’ project aims to meet the energy needs of the park’s visitor centre through a self-sufficient photovoltaic energy production system. This project, promoted by the Autonomous National Parks Agency (OAPN), seeks to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.