Our purpose

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between

  • industry and technology,
  • energy and environment,
  • our clients and their investments.



The role of sustainability is central to the current strategy of Soltec Ingenieros,

  • on how we manage the company’s energy consumption and carbon emissions 
  • in our thinking, knowledge-sharing, and R+D+i 
  • in the projects we develop  


We are firmly committed to ethics and business integrity in all areas (environmental, social and governance – ESG), staying true to our principles of zero tolerance for corruption

Since our beginnings, we have given importance to corporate governance and good practices, extended to all people involved with our activity; since the results of transparency and sustainable management affect everyone. 

Photovoltaic installation in facade - own offices

The greatest benefit in sustainability is generated through our thinking, our philosophy and our professional activity

A benefit reinforced by the commitment that our customers demonstrate in return towards us,  our community and the environment. 

We feel accountable in our role as engineers, supporting national and international companies and organizations to prepare now for the energy and digital transition that we are experiencing around the planet. 

The future has never been so present.  Our main goal is to achieve efficient and sustainable results that benefit our customers, society and the planet.