Photovoltaic installation project at our offices – on facade

Vigo, Pontevedra

Photovoltaic installation in facade - own offices

Project Context

We have installed 16 photovoltaic panels (7.2 kWp) on two facades at our offices in Vigo, to cover a large part of the annual energy consumption. There will be times when the energy generated will cover everything we consume, with an average of yearly energy savings between 60% and 70%. 

The life of the installation is estimated at 25 years with performance above 85%. Normally, under good maintenance, it could live even longer. 

Added value

ROI – 6 years.  Annual energy savings of 70%.

The installation is digitally monitored, so we will know the exact energy savings figure every year, helping us manage our carbon footprint and set our goal towards zero emissions.