R +D+I

Innovation in our DNA

Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) have been a constant since our beginnings, our business core for the development of new products and service lines. The foundation of our company’s growth and evolution to this day.

Digitalisation, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency have been our key R+D+I themes throughout this time. Three subjects that are today the focus of the Industry 4.0 transition in Europe and globally, aligned to growth strategies based on Sustainability and Digitalisation.

Constant Evolution

Our R+D+I lines are evolving over time according to our customers’ needs and the global market trends. Currently, we are involved in new lines of R+D+I related to:

  • the generation, distribution and use of hydrogen as an energy vector to be promoted at European and national level,
  • the use of fluid dynamics simulation (CFD) supported by supercomputing technologies to optimise the energy efficiency of industrial equipment, and
  • the application of artificial intelligence to the efficient management of buildings.

These are areas that will be part of the main business lines of Soltec Ingenieros in the medium term.


BBTwins project

European project, within the BBI H2020 2020 call, led by the CTIC-CITA technology center in La Rioja, and technologically coordinated by Soltec Ingenieros and our spin out Norlean as Third Party. Formed by 13 partners from 7 European countries, in BBTwins we are developing 2 digital twins, one for the pork meat sector in Spain and another for the fruit sector in Greece, integrating a variety of technologies in the digital twin such as IoT, AI, Artificial Vision (in visible and hyperspectral range), Satellite Vision, Virtual Reality or Blockchain.

EMTyS project

A project developed in consortium with TACORE, CITEGA and SDEA, with the scientific-technological support of ANFACO-CECOPESCA, within the ConectaPEME 2018 call of the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN). In EMTyS, we have developed digital tools (digital twin, virtual reality, simulation or IoT, among others) for application in the design, development and implementation of an industrial thermal multiprocessing equipment for the food sector.

DAVID project

Within the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN)´s ConectaCOVID 2021 call. Together with our spin out VERSA REAL PROJECTS, we have developed a modular, intelligent and self-sustaining cleanroom laboratory in which residual vegetable oils from the food sector are recycled and valorised for the development of a new sustainable biocide product.