Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen, an energy of 100% renewable origin

To meet the European Union’s targets for a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, the development of renewable fuels and their progressive substitution in homes, industry or transport is essential.

Green hydrogen qualities and its production scalability make it the ideal fuel, generating zero emissions.  Hydrogen is generated from an electrolyser connected to the electricity grid, fed locally by associated renewable facilities and complemented by PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) of 100% Renewable Origin.


The steel sector, welding processes, Industrial sector, petrochemical and fertiliser production plants, Logistics sector and urban and interurban transport, heavy transport, and maritime transport.  Hydrogen generation as renewable energy also presents great opportunities in the domestic sector.

Green Hydrogen Consulting Services

Planning and Global Project Coordination (Planning)

H2 Demand

  • Active search for the H2 demand
  • Identification support and technical details to support the search and closing of the demand

Feasibility Study and Initial project

  • Preparation of documentation (feasibility studies, initial engineering project, environmental assessment reports, application documents, etc.) for the processing of projects and grants
  • Preparation of budgets for basic technical projects

Licensing process management and technical project approvals

  • Developing the technical plan for the project approval and licensing
  • Preparing the documentation for the application process
  • Support and follow up on the application process


  • Identification of suitable funding. Application strategy
  • Preparation of application documents
  • Grant/funding application support and follow-up