Wastewater management project for a feed manufacturing facility

Padrón, A Coruña

Project context​
Wastewater management project for Nanfor’s manufacturing facility, involving the technical assistance on the control and follow up at implementation, in order to process the relevant discharge authorisations.​

Soltec Ingenieros services​

  • Construction project detail engineering for the factoy’s wastewater cycle management.​
  • Design and calculations of a wastewater discharge solution by treatment and posterior infiltration tanks to treat 40,000m3/year of indusrial wastewater.​
  • Rainwater drainage system design for a maximum capacity of 183m3/s.​
  • Construction management and works supervision over 3 months.​

Added Value

  • A full engineering service, from technical design of the factory’s water management to technical assistance and supervision during implementation.​
  • Construction management and works supervision over 3 months. ​