Technical design for Brigal’s new facility

Porto do Molle, Nigrán

Project context​
Brigal has experienced a 75% growth in recent years, with exportation being the company’s top priority. To face the new clients’ demand, Brigal has commissioned a new 3,700m2 facility, hosting all the processes under one sole structure. The new building is designed by the architect Borja Ramilo.

Soltec Ingenieros services​

  • The design was adapted to the production and storage of chemical products, which has challenged the projected installations.​
  • A design of the production layout that optimises resources.​
  • Design, calculation and development of the building services: air-conditioning, electrical and compressed air installation.​
  • Compliance management of the building requirements, legislation and regulations according to Brigal’s activity.​
  • Onsite works supervision.​

Added Value

  • Posterior study and construction of a distribution station and a 640KVA 20KV/400V transformation station.
  • Fire life safety project.