Energy efficiency measures for Grupo COPO


Project context​
We’ve accompanied Grupo COPO in achieving their energy efficiency objectives over the last 6 years, carrying out a full range of energy efficiency services from energy audits to grant management. We’ve implemented an energy management system that facilitates the analysis of the best action options for the group’s centres located in Mos (Pontevedra). ​

Soltec Ingenieros services​

We’ve designed and implemented an energy management system adapted to the needs of our client, with more than 30 measurement points, which allows:​

  •  quantify the energy cost per piece produced,​
  • set energy alarms,​
  • verify the energy savings derived from the implementation of energy saving measures,​
  • allocate energy costs by work centre.​

Added Value

  • Implementation of a tailored energy management system according to Grupo COPO’s needs.
  • Ongoing communication, providing consistent assessment over the years, evolving in parallel with the production processes.​