Jules Verne: Renewable hydrogen generation and dispensing project in the Port of Vigo 

Vigo, Spain

Project context​

Our Soltec Ingenieros team is part of the group of promoters of Port of Vigo’s innovative Julies Verne project to lead the implementation of green hydrogen in Galicia.

The project arises from the collaboration during the last year between the Port of Vigo and renowned companies and entities within the Galician industrial fabric.

Jules Verne aims at the generation and dispensing of renewable hydrogen for application in logistics operations of the Port of Vigo, both for land and sea mobility, as well as for port operations and industrial applications.

Added Value

‘Jules Verne’ project aims to become a model to follow for the network of seaports in Spain, not only for providing clean energy to this type of infrastructure but also for the advances it represents in technology and job creation